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Of those that were there
But have never existed
Of those that were real
But were never true
Of those that were once
But were totally forgotten
Of those that were lovely
But were never for you

Of those that sparked
But never ignited
Of those full of wonders
But far too unknown
Of those you were sure of
But were never certain
Of those that bring fire
But are cold as stone

I’m scared...

featured image: MoChy

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In Chorus, We Sin


And when your weary soul forgets
the taste of heaven’s sin
behold thy sacred warm regretful
vows of what has been
on and on, and on once more
in scarlet ink emblazoned
oh don’t you hear that melody
of anguish left unchastened?

Now sing.

featured image by avogado6

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Midlife Musings


forget not
that the earth loves
feeling your toes on its surface
much as the wind loves
caressing your gentle face
and the way your hair dances
like woven galaxies
of secret musings set ablaze
for when you tell
of death and silence
I can hear your wounded spirit call
deep through the crevice
of your autumn gaze
behind your blissful,
florid walls

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This world seems to be…

⠀ filled with false tears,
⠀ untamed fears, and
⠀ cold and lasting warfare
⠀ kindled by pride and
⠀ egotistic maniacs with
⠀ daunting faces behind
⠀ unfiltered masks of
⠀ power and putrid fame…

And the start of every beginning
seems to be our end.

Do you see it?

Look again.

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In all concession


Let all of me shatter, just let it all break
Warp all my realities into superficial fakes
Let lose all this anger, inhale all this rage
Let the chaos take over this mundane stage

I never meant to let go of me
Perhaps I held on too desperately
This noose I have around me tighten
But I’ll wear it in all glory- a velvety golden

It feels hellish and cold, all eternally frozen
What used to be idyllic now a concrete garden
In diamond bricks of scarlet stone-cold blood
Is my heart laden in so-called pure love’s mud

It does not matter, no, not anymore
What’s supposed to come just let it forth
Let’s raise holy hell in my ruined heaven
Hail this sullen prayer from a faithful heathen

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break.

featured image: artwork by Miles Johnston

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Solitudinalizationizing (mumbles)


Words unravel a sultry
A fine velvet tapestry
Of mundane thoughts
And fun whatnots
Spreading thick, a playful
Giddy in sweet displayful
Serenading stars and mud cakes
Glowing, aloof in blank spaces
Harmonizing bubble raps,
Popping purple soda caps
In whirlpools of skittle skins
And holy… holy sins
Cotton cloudy sparkled
divinely gone bamboozled
Hop- 2, 3…hop- 2-
Hop- 2, 3…stop.

Smile, you silly

featured image not mine. All credits go to the original artist.