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when I wandered wonderland…


quietly I knocked-
knocked out of my shell
is this heaven or hell?


I refuse to stop-
stopped to realize
it’s my lost paradise

「it’s cold here…」

space flooded black-
blacked out on the floor
I’ve been here before

「let me out!」

and suddenly I’m not-
not the same anymore
I am not even sure

「what… happened?」

❝Hi! Care to join me for some tea?❞

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Drawing Twilights


What happens when poets
run out of rhymes;
When music goes silent,
When calm goes wild…

What happens when romance
runs out of love;
When cupid grows tired,
When nothing’s enough…

What happens when life
runs out of itself;
When all trees wither,
When heaven turns hell…

What happens when skies
run out of stardust;
When dreamers grow weary,
When hope turns rust…

ah, yes-
I wonder…

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Rap battles and sprouts


everyone’s dissing
like Sahara on heat
I’m just here watching
grilling some meat

calm now sprouts
come take a bite
aunt panda’s about
to beat this fight

listen now children
aunt panda’s sad
if you keep on dissing
this’ll turn out bad

this is so not kyudie
this fight’s all fake
you’ll turn out ugly
if you stay awake

tired is stupid.

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