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She’s too tired to be exhausted.
Much too shattered to break.
Way too lost to be hidden.
Far too conscious to wake.

So much nothing and more.
Too less something to mention.
Much more present than before
But she’s losing all connections.

…she’s fading fast.

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If you ever forget…


Your feelings,
Your eyes,
Your soul,
Your hopeful believings,
Your sparkles,
Your glow…

I close my eyes
memorizing it all
Hoping that in dark times
I’d be able to recall

Every star-cached memory
Each dream you held dear
Your joyful revelries
And those blissful years

So in times when you forget
Just why you kept going
I’ll read you this sonnet
to remind you what your missing…

Dear self: don’t forget about you...

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In the deepest parts of my darkest shallows
I hid behind my words-
the one place I belong

And in various shades of black and white
I thought that maybe I-
could try and right the wrongs

For once maybe I could erase this pain
in a tear-soaked empty page
where I thought I could begin

I thought I could use my dusty pen
to try and mend my heart-
just go over what’ve always been

But I’m lost…in all that’s been found
without a way, drifting unbound
just to rewrite- I wish I could rewrite

write any story-
just anything…
anything but mine.

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Bottom Up [A Reverse Poem]


she was whole…

the sun was bright
and suddenly
everything faded…
cold air blew and
darkness and despair
swallowed what’s left of
a glimmering hope…
her eyes:
fading into
a cavernous vessel
a defeated soul…
subtle, struggling, silent
sparkles lingered
but deep within
all-seeing darkness
she stumbled; dwindling from
all the way up
until she reached
the rock bottom

right where
she started over…

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Angel Eyes


though mundane is my sinful soul
you gazed upon me
in your purest form

Ashened and sublime
deeper than all oceans
home to all divine
gate to the Empyrean

streams of purest orisons
flood thy holy shores
cached in a hallowed teardrop
and a million more

I seek refuge, my sullen soul
cleanse me when you cry
see my broken pieces whole
in light of your angel eyes

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| fading |
right across rivers of sullen daylights
basked in the glory of my twilight fate
I drift down deeper to this mundane mind
where I kept my silent demons awake

| out of sight |
where fallen celestials rest their souls
is what my spirit would call a home
where I’d weep beside my rusty halo
shackled in chains of velvet gold

| dwindling |
in oceans of my auburn winter flames
in cycles of fleeting joy and lucid pain
while caught in this mystical, ludicrous game
I lived in subtle and died in plain

| out of memory |
alas! in this cavernous fortress of lies
I’ll slumber under my frozen moons
lulled by symphonies of cold goodbyes
evanescent, hidden under frosty dunes

Do you see it?
Do you see me?
See my feelings ?

…they’re evanescent…

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