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2am Thoughts


so I lie, put on a smile
they won’t ever see this lady cry
I say things that I long to hear,
and sleep awake beside my fears
but for all the things that I’m alive to feel
and all the ugly feelings that I conceal
I’ve completely forgotten how it is to heal;
what was pretend and what was real?
my mind is restless and so’s my soul.
I’m way past broken; I’m empty, but whole
I think it is rest that I truly desire
but sleep is useless when it’s the soul that’s tired
is it too selfish to wish for my end?
isn’t it too cruel to keep making me pretend?
I wish no one sorrow, I wish no one pain
but in living lifeless, what’s there to gain?
I know they’ll mourn, there will be tears
but tears will soon dry, so what’s there to fear?

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Glass Slippers


But you’ll never hear her whimper;
Not a tear, no excuse.
With a smile she’ll carry herself- blistered,
Yet stunning, in her shiny shoes.
Pleasant. Exceptional. Truly wonderful
Is this forbearing young lady.
Conveniently dancing to a pointless hustle;
Waltzing faithless, dressed all fancy.

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Burn Out


And one last time it flickers
one last fire
one last flare

one last spark of fiery spirit
one last flame
one last prayer

one last blaze of ash-cold fire
one last power
one last pain

one last final great surrender
one last battle
one last bane

one last.
last one.

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Full Circle


For long I’ve wandered
And far I’ve gone
A few miles yonder
Through “Once Upon”s
I’ve scribbled a many
I’ve written a few
Seeking for change
And something new
Yet here I am
Back where I started
I find myself standing
Right where I departed
But all the wiser
I have realized
I can’t repaint poetry
I can’t desert my rhymes
For my soul is wildly tainted
With my very own divine
I may not be the finest poet
But my poetry is mine.

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If you ever forget…


Your feelings,
Your eyes,
Your soul,
Your hopeful believings,
Your sparkles,
Your glow…

I close my eyes
memorizing it all
Hoping that in dark times
I’d be able to recall

Every star-cached memory
Each dream you held dear
Your joyful revelries
And those blissful years

So in times when you forget
Just why you kept going
I’ll read you this sonnet
to remind you what your missing…

Dear self: don’t forget about you...

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In the deepest parts of my darkest shallows
I hid behind my words-
the one place I belong

And in various shades of black and white
I thought that maybe I-
could try and right the wrongs

For once maybe I could erase this pain
in a tear-soaked empty page
where I thought I could begin

I thought I could use my dusty pen
to try and mend my heart-
just go over what’ve always been

But I’m lost…in all that’s been found
without a way, drifting unbound
just to rewrite- I wish I could rewrite

write any story-
just anything…
anything but mine.

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Bottom Up [A Reverse Poem]


she was whole…

the sun was bright
and suddenly
everything faded…
cold air blew and
darkness and despair
swallowed what’s left of
a glimmering hope…
her eyes:
fading into
a cavernous vessel
a defeated soul…
subtle, struggling, silent
sparkles lingered
but deep within
all-seeing darkness
she stumbled; dwindling from
all the way up
until she reached
the rock bottom

right where
she started over…

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