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“Blossom, Cherry Starkle”


Fear not, little starkle
Fear not of love and life
Let your leaves fall in golden sparkles
Bare you fruits with scarlet pride
And when the final snowflake falls
Let your petals bloom with delight
Let the gentlest of spring blossom
Let it linger, make it bright…

Blossom, my little cherry starkle .

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“No Fairytale Love”


For it’s not in the brightest of days
but in the stormiest nights
that the truest of love prevails

It’s never always rainbows,
not all butterflies…
it’s faith and resolve that sails

For our love’s not a shallow;
not defined by mere romance….
one told by fate, not by fairy tales

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“My Oracle”


And although I’m uncertain
of which morrow I’ll step into,
my soul rests in knowing
that for always there’ll be you.
And so tell me, my oracle,
of all that awaits:
the golden-ruffled sunrise
after every stormy rain
Tell of how our love triumphs
over all uncertainties.
And tell of all the promises kept
despite difficulties…

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“Ignorance Is Bliss”


Don’t tell me of your stories
No more of your life
Don’t tell me of your lonely feelings
Just keep them in disguise

For I can no longer hate you-
no, I couldn’t get mad
Knowing all the things that hurt you
makes my stupid spirit sad

I wish I could just rage over
the littlest mistakes I know
But knowing what you’re going through
makes it harder for me to do so.

sometimes I wish I had none.

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“Classic Kludge”


It’s temporary. It’s not.
this make-believe fairy tale…

A sanctuary of false pretenses-
of subtle lies and empty spaces-
filled with mouthfuls of empty promises
and a few dozen phony faces.

I Love You“s roll off truthless tongues
as if bunches of silly sweet nothings.
Apologies have come far and far gone;
off the floors and up the ceilings.

It’s but a messy makeshift romance-
nothing but a superficial wonderland.
A sad attempt at a second chance
that’s gotten way too out of hand.

It’s a kludge.
But it’s all we got.

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