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Hello there, it’s Panda! To most of my virtual colleagues , I go by the name pandamonium or panda (yes, I love pandas). I’m a 23-year-old wonder wanderer. I fancy myself a poet sometimes- but really, I’m just a dreamy enthusiast of poetry and the arts. I’ve been in love with poetry for as long as I can remember and started writing at the age of 11.

Words are my photo albums. Mostly, my works are lyrical; often gloomy/dark. But I also have lots that are dreamy. I write when I feel happy or sad or mad or silly or just bored. Sometimes I write when something inspires me; like a movie or a book or a character.

My poetry comes in wide variations… I like experimenting with different styles! I’ve written sonnets, free verse poems, haikus, tankas, acrostics, and a few odes. Just recently I’ve tried reverse poetry and I’m loving it! I look forward to exploring more of poetry for as long as I can. (・ω・)✧

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