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My Civilian


I’ve no clue of what the morrows will bring
But the thought of you makes me dream
Of blue skies and sunny weather,
And quiet nights next to each other.

It used to feel so odd to even think about romance
Back when love was just a word without a chance
It’s way too ineffable even for poetry to convey
For my part, I know nothing of certainty, but I’d love it if forever you could stay

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2am Thoughts


so I lie, put on a smile
they won’t ever see this lady cry
I say things that I long to hear,
and sleep awake beside my fears
but for all the things that I’m alive to feel
and all the ugly feelings that I conceal
I’ve completely forgotten how it is to heal;
what was pretend and what was real?
my mind is restless and so’s my soul.
I’m way past broken; I’m empty, but whole
I think it is rest that I truly desire
but sleep is useless when it’s the soul that’s tired
is it too selfish to wish for my end?
isn’t it too cruel to keep making me pretend?
I wish no one sorrow, I wish no one pain
but in living lifeless, what’s there to gain?
I know they’ll mourn, there will be tears
but tears will soon dry, so what’s there to fear?

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Scarlet Sunsets


One day when the sun rises
And there’s less fear than hope
Let’s meet where the seas turn scarlet
When the morning sun comes home
Out there where I am not without you
Where, together, we could be alone
Where freedom doesn’t taste as bitter
Where nights won’t be as cold
And then at last I’ll be beside you
When the stars bid the skies goodbye
And midnight hues would fade away
To the vibrance of you and I

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Rhymes and Rhythm


Rhythm to poetry
Is like melody to a song
Playing in harmony
With rhymes where they belong
Dancing between verses
and pauses between words
Music that the mind hears
When there’s nothing to be heard
Giving shape to every syllable
And form to every rhyme
Between thoughts and what is audible
It’s that hidden silver line-

Ah, what lovely sound...

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