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| fading |
right across rivers of sullen daylights
basked in the glory of my twilight fate
I drift down deeper to this mundane mind
where I kept my silent demons awake

| out of sight |
where fallen celestials rest their souls
is what my spirit would call a home
where I’d weep beside my rusty halo
shackled in chains of velvet gold

| dwindling |
in oceans of my auburn winter flames
in cycles of fleeting joy and lucid pain
while caught in this mystical, ludicrous game
I lived in subtle and died in plain

| out of memory |
alas! in this cavernous fortress of lies
I’ll slumber under my frozen moons
lulled by symphonies of cold goodbyes
evanescent, hidden under frosty dunes

Do you see it?
Do you see me?
See my feelings ?

…they’re evanescent…

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Hi! I'm Rose. I fancy myself a poet sometimes... But really, I'm just a dreamer- a wonder wanderer. Words are my photo albums.

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