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Flower Rings and Red Strings


Flashback on a midsummer day
Underneath a big old tree
Some silly promise was made
In a blissful memory

Fade in on a little girl
Pretty in her summer dress
Floral crowns adorn her curls
Ah, what a lovely mess

And with her a little boy
Atop a grassy hill
Anxiously mumbling envois;
A nervous Jack and her blissful Jill

Their smiles and their happy fantasies
Played a lovely duet
In a simply enchanting melody
One they will never forget

With flower rings they vowed forever
Knotting red strings in tiny hearts
“I promise you my ever after
until death do us part”

Fade up on the skies 2 decades ahead
His sweet warmth now slumbered
The music starts playing in her head
And with tears she stood in somber

“You promised me an ever after
and now death has done its part
But I’ll keep this flower ring forever
and our memories deep in my heart”

“I will remember you.”

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Hi! I'm Rose. I fancy myself a poet sometimes... But really, I'm just a dreamer- a wonder wanderer. Words are my photo albums.

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