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From a Dreamer to Another


Welcome to Disney!

A dreamer’s wonderland
Home to all fantasies
from far away lands

Whatever do we have here?
Oh do I hear you say?
Quite plenty of you ask me
I’ll tell you; right away!

Pixie dusts and sparkles
And talking honey bears
A friendly mouse that whistles
And a carrot-loving hare

Princes and princesses
And jungle royalties
Frosty queens and witches
…and LOTS of sorcery

We also have mermaids!
And a bandit prince too
with his clever li’l primate
and a genie- make that two

Did I mention sorcery?
Oh yes, lotsss of it!
Curses, ugly beasts,
and slippers made with magic

Oh puffles! I forgot!!
We have pirates! – quite a lot
Hunting treasures and whatnots
Scouring seas for golden pots

oh! that boy who’s never older
in his promised Neverland
and his tiny little tinker
as his witty wing(ed) (wo)man

ah, yes… I’d go on
with these tales of adventures
for the list is quite long
that, in fact, is for sure

But remember that all these
wondrous stories that we tell
mean to teach important values
to help you fare well

So don’t ever stop dreaming
even in your darkest days…
your rainbow will be shining
to chase away your pains

All you need is some pixie dust
and a bit of Disney sparkle…
some days you kinda have to just
have faith in the impossible

⋆ . ✵
ੈ ༘˚ˑ •ㅤㅤㅤ
☆⋆ ⋆ ☽ ˚
ㅤ˚⋆ ⋆

Dream. Imagine. Believe.

Trust me… I’m a Disney Kid.
– (✪㉨✪) –

author’s note
Yahalloo! I wrote this piece for a challenge called #FandomDay challenge.
I think it’s pretty much obvious that I am a HUGE fan of Disney 😂

This world does a remarkable job at destroying every fairy tale fantasy I’ve had as a child, but the hope and warm sparkles that those Disney tales brought me will always remain in this feeble heart of mine…

I will always be a dreamer
Surely, you guys know a Disney tale or two, no?

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Hi! I'm Rose. I fancy myself a poet sometimes... But really, I'm just a dreamer- a wonder wanderer. Words are my photo albums.

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