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From my lenses…


I loved it when you look at me
with your sweet and candid smile
and how you do those silly faces…
those blissful sparkles in your eyes

you’ve shown me joyful revelries
and moments you wished frozen
Those picture perfect memories
that I’ve never once forgotten

I’ve captured them all into portraits
and cached them as my own
All it took was a click and a shutter
and forever they were cloned

I used to hold your silent thoughts
in landscapes of lovely scenery:
sunrise, blue skies, and wide horizons
moon-kissed oceans and greenery

I have to say, I miss our travels
those sunset train ride window views
Those twilight mattes and pastel sunsets
and oh those pretty midnight hues

And yet, alas, you’ve got something better
Lighter, thinner, much easier to bring
It even has that thing called “filters”
And much more awesome splendor things

But I hope someday I’d wake again
to see your smiling face once more
and get to capture one last shot
a photo of what I truly adore…

author’s note
I wrote this entry for a challenge called #inanimateobjects challenge

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Hi! I'm Rose. I fancy myself a poet sometimes... But really, I'm just a dreamer- a wonder wanderer. Words are my photo albums.

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