Posted in All, August Prompts 2019

“Classic Kludge”


It’s temporary. It’s not.
this make-believe fairy tale…

A sanctuary of false pretenses-
of subtle lies and empty spaces-
filled with mouthfuls of empty promises
and a few dozen phony faces.

I Love You“s roll off truthless tongues
as if bunches of silly sweet nothings.
Apologies have come far and far gone;
off the floors and up the ceilings.

It’s but a messy makeshift romance-
nothing but a superficial wonderland.
A sad attempt at a second chance
that’s gotten way too out of hand.

It’s a kludge.
But it’s all we got.

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Hi! I'm Rose. I fancy myself a poet sometimes... But really, I'm just a dreamer- a wonder wanderer. Words are my photo albums.

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